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Version 1.4.30 - build 191108 - November 8 2019



About MultiProfiler

MultiProfiler is designed as a companion to NEC MultiSync monitors that feature the powerful and sophisticated SpectraView Engine; such as the P and PA Series desktop displays as well as several large-screen displays (please see Supported Display Monitors). This software provides complete control of the SpectraView Engine in an easy-to-use application.

SpectraView Engine equipped MultiSync monitors utilize this sophisticated processor, combined with internal luminance, temperature, and time monitoring, and individual characterization and calibration of each unit during production, to provide an unparalleled level of color control, accuracy and stability.

The high-contrast LCD panel used on the monitor, coupled with the SpectraView Engine, provide the utmost in versatility such as the ability to accurately emulate colorspaces like AdobeRGB and sRGB.

MultiProfiler uses a two-way communications link with the display monitor to perform adjustments. Two different methods of communications are possible:


Release Notes

New 64-bit Build

MultiProfiler is now a 64-bit application. Due to the requirements for 64-bit applications, the minimum supported macOS version is now 10.12.

New Display Firmware

New Display Firmware - Desktop Displays

New firmware for the following desktop display models is available which adds some functionality improvements.

Download the latest firmware for Desktop Displays from:

New Display Firmware - Large-screen Displays

Firmware Revision 1.7 (or newer) is available for the following large-screen display models, which adds functionality improvements by upgrading the internal SpectraView Engine features.

Download the latest firmware for large screen Public Displays from:


Known Issues

Print emulation:

USB support:

MultiSync P212, P232W, P241W, P242W, P243W and PA231W:

MultiSync P212, P232W, P242W, P243W, P404, P484, P554, PA231W, V404, V404-T, V484, V484-T, V554, V554-T, X551UHD, X651UHD, X651UHD-2, X841UHD, X841UHD-2, X981UHD, and X981UHD-2:

No communications or communications error when using a DisplayPort video connection:

MultiSync P404, P484, P554, V404, V404-T, V484, V484-T, V554, V554-T


Supported Operating Systems and Macs

The following compatibility issues only apply when using DDC/CI to communicate with the display (i.e. there is no USB cable from the Mac to the display):


Supported Display Monitors

MultiProfiler supports the following NEC display monitor models:

Desktop Displays

Large Screen Displays


Support and Troubleshooting

If you are having problems using MultiProfiler, please check the Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions sections of the MultiProfiler User's Guide.

Additional help is available at the NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS MultiProfiler support page.

"No Communications" or "Unable to communicate with display" error:



NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS welcomes your feedback on MultiProfiler. Please visit the NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS MultiProfiler support page and give us your comments.


Revision History

V1.0.00: April 19 2010

V1.0.01: May 20 2010

V1.0.02: July 1 2010

V1.0.03: November 15 2010

V1.0.04: January 14 2011

V1.0.05: July 1 2011

V1.0.05: August 1 2011

V1.0.06: June 4 2012

V1.1.00: July 12 2012

V1.1.10: February 18 2013

V1.1.20: April 19 2013

V1.2.00: September 4 2013

V1.3.00: October 7 2014

V1.3.20: March 26 2015

V1.3.30: July 17 2015

V1.3.40: November 13 2015

V1.3.50: May 17 2016

V1.3.60: April 24 2017

V1.3.70: September 28 2017

V1.4.00: June 1 2018

V1.4.10: August 30 2018

V1.4.30: November 8 2019


This file and all of the MultiProfiler software is Copyright © 2010-19 NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

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